Sagging, drooping skin is everyone’s worst nightmare come true. Worry not! There are several treatments available today to keep them at bay for as long as possible.

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Thread lift is a very common procedure used to lift and tighten the skin. The procedure involves use of very fine threads that are advanced along pre-marked contours close to the ear. These thread are then guided into a position that will hold the skin in a tighter position. With some passage of time new collagen will form around the thread providing the skin with better and newer support system.

The sutures and cones used in a PDO thread lift are made from Polydioxanone, which has been used for surgical sutures for a long time. The threads are strong and gradually stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin.

The medical professional administers local anaesthetic and thus, the procedure is quite pain free.

PDO thread lift can help to lift the entire face. It is effectively used as a treatment to contour the lower jaw, cheeks and lift the eyebrows and neck.

An immediate lift in the face is observed and the firmness of the skin will continue to improve with the new collagen production stimulated by the treatment. The results and their longevity also depend upon the extent of sagging present before the procedure.

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If the procedure is performed by an expert medical professional, thread lift is known to be very safe.

There maybe minor side effects which may include bruising, tenderness, swelling numbness and slight asymmetry, although most of these will subside in a few days.

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