Radiante Treatment is a customised facial treatment designed by Dr Noopur Jain for various skin problems such as: Acne, Acne spots, Melasma, Pigmentation, Tanning, Anti ageing, Skin rejuvenation, Skin lightening etc.

This works by causing a complete rejuvenation of the skin cells

This helps in opening up blocked glands and reducing acne.

This helps remove superficial pigmentation and also has anti-ageing benefits

This is one of the most popular peels for pigmentation and rejuvenation

This is also known as the “Party peel” and helsp give an instant glow.

This peel helps in overall rejuvenation and revival of skin cells

This is a known peel to help reduce pigmentation and dark spots

This is a known peel to help reduce pigmentation and dark spots

This peel is used for reducing acne as well as marks

This peel is useful for correcting deep pigmentation

Who should get Radiante Treatment?

Radiante treatment is one of those treatments that is good for everyone. Its like giving your skin a regular work out as it helps remove the dead layer and stimulates your cells to produce younger, fresher and brighter looking cells. It is a safe and effective treatment and revitalizes your skin cells even with 1 session.

How many sessions of Radiante treatment are recommended?

Depending upon your skin and skin problem, we usually recommend 4-6 sessions, done at gaps of 3-4 weeks.

If your face has been looking dull, tanned or missing its usual glow, then this treatment is PERFECT for you!