Scar Revision

Scars can occur due to injury, illness, after surgery or childbirth. Whatever the cause may be, most scars have functional, emotional and cosmetic effects can impact a person’s self esteem.If you have scars make u self-conscious or uncomfortable about your appearance, Skinzest can offer you multiple treatment options to help you regain your self confidence.

Scar revision treatments are customised procedures that are formulated with the aim of improving the appearance as well as functionality of scare. They type of scar revision surgery depends upon the type and severity of the scar. Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ankit Jain, tailors his surgical plan based on the precise needs of each of his patients so as to ensure the best possible outcomes of the surgery for them.

The ideal candidates for scar revision are those people that have scars that are cosmetically,
functionally or emotionally uncomfortable for them. You may consider scar revision if you have any
of the following concerns:

  • Your scar is limiting the movement or functioning of a body part.
  • Your scar causes discomfort due to friction with your clothes.
  • There are symptoms like pain or itching associated with your scar.
  • Your scar is affecting your self esteem.

The first step for a successful scar revision surgery is appropriate scar diagnosis. The treatment plan and the surgical technique will be based on that. After application of local or topical anaesthesia, an incision is made along the current scar so as to give a cleaner and less visible scar post procedure.
After complete excision of the scar, the wound is closed by precise and layered approach so as to prevent excess tension on the skin. This helps in achieving better and more aesthetically pleasing results.

You might experience some pain and discomfort post procedure for 1-2 days but you would not need to take any off from work. The sutures are usually removed one or two weeks after the procedure. Once the sutures are removed, Dr. Ankit will advise you regarding certain gel applications and massages that will help in better healing.