Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are ideally created for a lifetime, but in some cases, people would want to reverse their decisions and have them removed. Luckily, technological advancements have now made removal processes safe and easy.

How does it work? 

 A harmless but strong laser beam is targeted to the area where the tattoo is present. This process makes the tattoo ink to break down and dissolve into small fragments. These fragments then leave the body through the body’s natural lymphatic system.

Safety Check:

  • Pain: Tattoo removal is done after application of a numbing cream which makes the procedure absolutely painless and comfortable.
  • Side Effects: Overall, laser treatments are considered to be safe because they only target the tattooed area, leaving the rest of the body unharmed.

While tattoo removal involves minimal risks, there is a possibility of slight discoloration or redness of the skin. There might even be some scarring, scabs, or blisters as the area will need some healing time. If the healing isn’t done right, there would be a risk of infection. However, infections and major scars can easily be avoided if one follows the instructions given to them by the doctor for after-care.

  • Sessions: On average, 5-6 sessions are required for this process. These can be more in number based on a variety of factors like skin color, ink depth, ink colour etc.

Why should you see a dermatologist?

 This procedure requires some important evaluations of the skin by a qualified dermatologist before it begins. The analysis includes everything from your medical history to skin diseases. It is also important to consider the following factors:

-Skin Color: Lighter skin-toned people may have to face fewer sessions as opposed to people with darker skin tones.

-Tattoo Colors: Some tattoo colors are relatively more difficult to remove – more of those colors in your tattoo would translate to more sessions. Likewise, the depth of the ink also matters. If your tattoo is inked deep into the skin, you might need to undergo a few more sessions than average.

Why Skinzest?

At Skinzest, we work with a highly qualified team and the latest tools to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your skin conditions before taking you in for any treatments. You can always reach out to us for any questions/concerns you might have.