Laser Hair Removal / Reduction in Gurgaon

Skinzest offers the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon which is increasingly becoming a permanent solution to the unwanted hair amongst both men and women. The treatment offers freedom from the regular waxing and shaving of legs, arms, facial hair etc. At Skinzest Hair Clinic, we offer our expert consultation before suggesting the procedure to our patients. For laser hair reduction in Gurgaon at Skinzest, we provide advanced laser machines which is suitable for several skin tones and hair textures.

Disha Batra (July 2020), Founder LUSSO ATL & TAPAS @ Home, Entrepreneur and Art Curator, says that she truly realised the importance of getting the Laser hair removal procedure during the lockdown when others were getting tired of using the razor. Watch how she is grateful to Dr. Noopur here. Watch Disha’s Story

Kriti (August 2020), a Pilot, with a hectic schedule found the Laser hair removal treatment at Skinzest as a blessing, specially during the lockdown when parlours were shut and she didn’t have to bother about waxing like her friends. Watch Kirti’s Story

Laser hair removal is a simple and safe procedure. It targets the hair follicle using brief pulses of light energy. The laser light is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle which prevents any the hair from growing back. Owing to the principle of laser ,gray, blond and red hair cannot be aimed with a laser since, the pigments are non-existent or too light. Laser works best for fair to medium skin toned people.

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Laser hair removal for beard reshaping :
Laser hair removal for face:
Laser hair reduction- Male back:
Laser hair reduction- Lower face:
Laser hair reduction- underarms:
  • Laser hair removal is widely accepted and proven treatment for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair.
  • It is safe, quick and effective with long lasting result
  • The treatment is mostly painless and is suited for various skin and hair textures
  • Laser hair removal is a near permanent hair removal solution. About 60-95% of targeted hair is permanently removed after the treatment course.
  • It is an effective treatment for ingrown hair as well.

The sessions during the treatment course are spaced at four-to-eight weeks of intervals. Each hair has its own growth cycle, so several sessions are required to target all the hair. Within two weeks of a session, the active hairs start to fall out.

Some redness and in some instances a heat rash is experienced after a session. This generally ,subsides the same day. Direct sun exposure is to be avoided after each session and use of sun-block is advised. Adequate icing is also recommended to soothe the target area, which can help bring down the redness. The doctor may recommend a post laser regimen comprising of creams and other medication.