Chemical Peeling Cost In Delhi

There are various minimally invasive skin care options available, but chemical peeling is one of the most effective procedures for treating a variety of aesthetic and health issues with the skin.

Chemical peels use a precise combination of substances to dissolve and remove superficial layers of the skin that have been affected by aging, sun damage, skin diseases, the environment, smoking, and heredity. The type of chemical peel utilized and the area being treated, typically determine the chemical peeling cost in Delhi. After the procedure, old skin will begin to disintegrate and “peel” away, revealing a fresh, younger, and more youthful appearance. Chemical peels can help with issues like a lifeless appearance, poor complexion, discoloration, damage from the sun, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars.

Chemical Peeling Cost In Delhi

The cost of chemical peeling in Delhi, India, can vary based on numerous factors, including the type of chemical peel utilized, the size of the treatment area, the dermatologist’s knowledge and experience, and the clinic’s location.

In general, the chemical peeling cost in Delhi might range between ₹2,000 and ₹10,000 for each session. It is crucial to note, however, that this is an approximate pricing range that can vary depending on individual characteristics and the precise treatment plan prescribed by the dermatologist.

Chemical peel prices may also vary depending on the depth and intensity of the peel. Superficial peels, like glycolic acid peels, are typically less expensive than medium or deep peels, which use more potent chemicals.

It is best to visit a certified skin specialist in Gurgaon for a personalized assessment and cost estimate depending on your unique requirements. The dermatologist will assess your skin condition, discuss your desired goal, and advise you on the best chemical peel methods and their associated expenses.

During your consultation, you can also ask about any package deals or discounts that the clinic may provide for several sessions or combo treatments, which may help you save money in the long run.

Different Types That Determine Chemical Peeling Cost In Delhi

The type or intensity of the peel employed can affect the chemical peeling cost in Delhi. There are various types of chemical peeling available, ranging from superficial to medium and deep peels, with differing results and costs. Here are some examples of popular chemical peels:

Superficial or light peels:

These peels are gentle and target the skin’s outermost layer (epidermis). They commonly employ mild acids such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid or fruit acids. Superficial peels are typically the most affordable choice.

Medium-depth peels:

These peels go deeper into the skin, focusing on the higher dermal layers. Stronger acids, such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or a mixture of TCA and other acids, are used. Because of its increased efficacy and deeper effects, medium-depth peels are often more expensive than superficial peels.

Deep peels:

The most intense type of chemical peel, deep peels delve into the deeper layers of the skin. They commonly use phenol, a strong acid. Deep peels are more expensive than superficial and medium-depth peels since they require more knowledge and safeguards throughout the operation.

Peeling treatment is one of those treatments that is good for everyone. Its like giving your skin a regular work out as it helps remove the dead layer and stimulates your cells to produce younger, fresher and brighter looking cells. It is a safe and effective treatment and revitalizes your skin cells even with 1 session.