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Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small flesh-coloured, pink or brown bumps on the skin. These are harmless and can occur at any age. Skin tags are quite common and are mostly found on the neck, armpits and groin and can also be painful. Although they do not pose any medical threat, people seek skin tag removal for aesthetic reasons.

Problems related to skin tags

Some skin tags have a stalk-like peduncle which makes them stick up from the skin. These tend to be painful if they get twisted, rubbed hard or caught on clothing.Skin tags can also be shaved-off accidently, which can cause bleeding and scarring. People with Type-2 diabetes mellitus and obesity often have several skin tags all over their bodies and experience widespread discomfort.

Skin Tag Removal Procedures

It is always best suited to get them removed by a trained medical profession rather than removing them at home. Skin tags on sensitive areas such as eyelids or genitals require an expert medical professional to perform the removal procedure. At Skinzest Hair Clinic we offer our patients with safe and minimally invasive removal procedures. Our expert dermatologists suggest the best treatment for a particular case after carefully examining the skin tags and their location. The doctor may also look at the possibility or history of any cancerous growth in the past and proceed with the treatment accordingly.


Radiofrequency is a quick and minimally invasive procedure in which the radiofrequency current is used to remove the skin tag. It is a onetime procedure and usually does not require multiple sessions. Multiple skin tags can be targeted in one go using this technique.

Surgical excision

The skin tags are removed using a scalpel. Sometimes electrode is used to achieve a cleaner cut which, in turn leaves behind minimal scarring. Surgical excision can be used to remove several skin tags quickly, all in one session.

Post-Operative Care

Skin tag removal can leave a faint mark to no marks at all. The dermatologist may advice a skin care regimen to be followed post procedure, to both heal and reduce the scar.