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Getting older and wise is beautiful, but the sagged skin and wrinkles that come along with it are not. The earliest signs of ageing are seen around the eyes. The skin around the eyes becomes wrinkled and loose, making the eyes look tired. Eye bag removal surgery is a very sought after aesthetic procedure. The procedure helps remove
excess skin and fatty tissue from around the eyes, thereby immediately taking off a few years from the face! This procedure can also be used to smoothen out the wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes, often known as crow’s feet.

What causes eye bags to appear?

  • The most common cause of eye bags is a loss of fatty tissue in the cheeks. This loss of fatty tissue or deflation in the cheeks happens at a much faster rate than it does below the eyes. As a result the eyes are left with elevated bulges of fat beneath them called the eye bags.
  • Another cause can be weakening of the orbital septum. The orbital septum is a membrane that holds the fat under the eye. The orbital septum weakens with age thus, the fat beneath it starts to bulge outward.
  • Some people may genetically have tendency to have extra fat under the eyes.

Non-Surgical treatment of eye bags:

Dermal fillers are the most common treatment of choice for reducing eye bags without surgery. Dermal fillers are gels made up hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body that can restore lost volume to facial tissues. If the eye bags are caused by cheek fat deflation, dermal fillers can be effectively used to restore cheek volume, thereby, reducing appearance of eye-bags.


Eye bag removal surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, is a simple procedure which is completed within one to three hours. For eye bags are caused by bulging or excess fat under the eyes, a surgical procedure is the recommended treatment. In an eye bag surgery, the fat under the eyes is removed or adjusted to eliminate the bags. Some patients may also require removal of excess skin under the eyes during this procedure. The amount of time spent in the procedure and the recovery time after the procedure varies from one procedure to another– this could be surgery of the upper lids, lower lids, or both.
At Skinzest we give a thorough consultation to your patients seeking an eye bag removal treatment and construct a treatment plan best suited to the particular case.